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Where can you travel to four continents, soar over the richly diverse landscape of the Golden State, take a rocket ride to Mars, explore land and sea adventures, experience future technologies today and journey into your imagination -- all in one vacation? Epcot, the Walt Disney World celebration of human achievement and discovery, is a one-stop vacation spot for all of that.

From the moment you enter Epcot you are instantly transported into two distinctive worlds:

  • Future World, a high-energy, high-tech land where guests thrill to the pulse-racing liftoff of Mission: SPACE, take a high-speed spin on the hairpin turns and straight-aways at Test Track and experience Soarin', an exhilarating aerial adventure that immerses guests in a multi-sensory experience, complete with sights, sounds, scents and the caress of warm breezes.
  • World Showcase, a world of multi-cultural enchantment, featuring marketplaces bustling with international flavor and a dazzling display of countries that transports guests through the magical worlds of 11 nations with just a few steps.

And every day ends with a spectacular performance of “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth” -- a thunderous fireworks finale like no other.

Epcot is the site for one-of-a-kind world entertainment and special events, including the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, one of the world's largest outdoor festivals of its kind; Epcot International Food & Wine Festival; and Epcot Summer Series, featuring world-renowned live entertainment.

There's more to discover at Epcot:

 Epcot - Future World 

Future World takes guests to new dimensions with high-energy passports to excitement:

  • Spaceship Earth is Future World’s landmark adventure. On a time-travel journey, guests discover how each generation of mankind has invented the future for the next generation, and how the spirit of innovation has moved people from the caves to the cosmos. A new finale provides guests the opportunity to imagine their futures.
  • Soarin' takes guests on a breathtaking aerial journey over California, with a bird’s-eye view and an extraordinary sensation of free flight. Using stunning cinematic artistry and Imagineering-developed motion-based technology, the experience is intensified with sweeping winds and the fragrance of orange blossoms and pine trees.
  • Mission: SPACE presented by HP offers guests a one-of-a-kind simulated space adventure -- from exhilarating liftoff to the weightlessness of outer space.
  • Test Track, presented by General Motors, invites guests to buckle up and brace themselves for the longest and fastest ride ever in Vacation Kingdom history.
  • Universe of Energy featuring "Ellen's Energy Adventure" with Ellen DeGeneres, Jamie Lee Curtis and Bill Nye the Science Guy. DeGeneres plays a woman who dreams she's on the popular game show "Jeopardy!" As part of the show, guests venture into a re-creation of the primeval world complete with moving, roaring, life-size dinosaurs.
  • Imagination! presented by Kodak includes Journey Into Imagination with Figment, featuring the playful purple dragon demonstrating the power of imagination; ImageWorks-The Kodak "What If?" Labs; and the 3-D sensation "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience."
  • The Land, presented by Nestle USA, features Soarin'; the motion picture "Circle of Life," an environmental fable starring several characters from "The Lion King"; and the Living with the Land boat ride through greenhouses of the future.
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends includes an undersea voyage aboard “clamobiles” with the clownfish Nemo and his pals; “Turtle Talk With Crush,” a real-time animated character that talks, plays and jokes with guests; and one of the world’s largest saltwater aquariums, featuring a two-story viewing area of a coral reef filled with colorful marine life.
  • Innoventions, a dazzling showcase where guests can be among the first to experience the technologies of today that will shape their lives tomorrow.
 Epcot - World Showcase 

Across World Showcase Lagoon, 11 nations display authentic wares, ethnic cuisine, shows, entertainment and architecture representing their cultures. World Showcase ambassadors come from across the globe to represent their homelands. As part of the show, holidays and festivals are commemorated by the ambassadors in ways they would be celebrated "back home," allowing Epcot guests to join in these international celebrations. Even the landscaping changes from country to country around the 1.3-mile promenade.

Clockwise around the promenade:

  • Mexico, with an authentic marketplace, lively Mariachi bands and "Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros" -- a boat ride through a festive Mexican celebration.
  • Norway, where guests embark on a voyage through time beginning in a 10th century Viking village.
  • China, with unique live entertainment and a Circle-Vision 360 film, "Reflections of China," that showcases past and present China and takes guests to seven cities around the country.
  • Germany transports guests with authentic surroundings inspired by towns along the Rhine and in Bavaria.
  • Italy, romance and beauty featured in a reproduction Doge's Palace of Venice.
  • The American Adventure showcases important moments in U.S. history.
  • Japan, featuring spectacular gardens and outdoor entertainment.
  • Morocco, where 19 Moroccan artisans spent months re-creating the intricate, colorful tile masterpieces of this North African country.
  • France, the setting for aromatic bakeries, beautiful shops and gardens, artists and an enchanting film tour through its cities and countryside.
  • United Kingdom, with lovely flower gardens, cobbled streets and corner pub.
  • Canada, with entertainment by a bagpipe band and a Circle-Vision 360 film through some of Canada's most picturesque regions.
 World-Class Dining at Epcot 

The restaurants of World Showcase offer authentic cuisine from around the globe, from Beijing Duck carved tableside in China’s Nine Dragons, to chicken couscous in Morocco’s Restaurant Marrakesh, to chocolate soufflé in France’s Bistro de Paris. Guests can make dining reservations for nearly two dozen restaurants through Epcot Guest Relations or at the individual restaurants.

In Future World, restaurants feature regional American favorites from gourmet pizza to fresh seafood. All Epcot restaurants have children's value meals and can accommodate special dietary needs with advance notice.

 Important Collections in Epcot Galleries 

Five World Showcase countries display treasures from international collections:

  • The Mexico pavilion's Animales Fantasticos features wood sculptures from Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • The Vikings: Conquerors of the Seas exhibit in Norway’s Gol Stave Church Gallery showcases a rare collection of Viking artifacts.
  • Japan's Tin Toy Stories is an exhibit featuring over 350 tin toys on loan from a private collection.
  • The Gallery of Arts and History in Morocco showcases artisan-crafted jewelry, ceramic pottery and ancient musical instruments.
  • The gallery in the China pavilion features authentic tomb sculptures from Ancient China and a miniature re-creation of the tomb of China’s first emperor.


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