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The Land

The Land is presented by Nestlé USA, a company committed to worldwide nutrition research and helping to preserve the environment. The pavilion features "Soarin'",wind-in-your-hair flight over the natural wonders of California; “Living With the Land,” a boat ride through live plant and fish growing areas; “Behind the Seeds,” a special guided walking tour of the greenhouse growing areas; “Food Rocks,” a humorous musical show with famous rock 'n' roll performers; “Circle of Life,” a wide-screen film about our partnership with nature worldwide; and two dining experiences -- the Sunshine Season Food Fair and The Garden Grill Restaurant.


Imagine a breathtaking, wind-in-your-hair flight over the natural wonders of California -- above towering redwoods, snow-capped mountains, sun-kissed deserts and rocky shorelines.

The exhilarating aerial adventure immerses guests in a multi-sensory experience, complete with sights and sounds plus the caress of warm breezes and the scent of pine forests, citrus groves and salty seashores.

 Living with the Land 

The centerpiece of The Land is “Living With the Land,” a narrated 14-minute boat journey through four greenhouses with crops from around the world and an aquaculture facility, the Aquacell. Sustainable agriculture -- crop production with a minimal impact on the environment -- is emphasized. The journey opens with an introductory storm scene and a look at animated tropic, desert and prairie biomes that existed before humans arrived. A turn-of-the-century farm represents early attempts to cultivate the land. The boat glides on into The Land’s experimental growing areas:

  • The Tropics Greenhouse, growing crops native to Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and the southern United States. Rice, sugar cane, peanuts, cacao, bananas and a 59-foot peach palm flourish under a 60-foot dome.

  • The Aquacell, showcasing crops that swim -- fish and other aquatic life including alligators, catfish, tilapia, sunshine bass and American eel.

  • The Temperate Greenhouse, featuring the concepts and technologies of sustainable agriculture, including intercropping, integrated pest management and specialized irrigation systems that reduce waste and increase crop production.

  • The Production Greenhouse, where tons of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and other vegetables are grown for use in The Land’s Garden Grill Restaurant and other Epcot restaurants. Land scientists utilize growing systems that are kinder to the environment and improve productivity.

  • The Creative House, showing imaginative ways to grow crops -- without soil, hanging in the air, even on a space station. USDA scientists currently are working at The Land to develop fruit with a longer shelf life.
 Circle of Life 

The motion picture “Circle of Life” features animated characters from “The Lion King” introducing a film that addresses the delicate balance between humankind’s progress and the environment. Scenes were filmed in more than 30 nations.

 Behind the Seeds Tour 

For guests who desire an in-depth tour, the “Behind the Seeds” Greenhouse Tour is available. The Land scientists meet groups of up to 13 throughout the day for a 60-minute tour of the growing areas and research labs. Epcot guests can ask questions and take a closer look at environmentally friendly technologies such as integrated pest management. Sign-up for the tours, generally 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m., is at the Green Thumb Emporium on the pavilion’s ground floor. There is a nominal fee for the tour.

School students can participate in the Epcot Y.E.S. (Youth Education Series) “Harvests and Habitats” program. The half-day program, hosted by staff scientists, investigates man’s relationship with the planet, and includes a brief tour of The Land growing areas.



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