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To the east of Spaceship Earth: Test Track, presented by General Motors, is a mile-long, heart-pounding adventure that takes guests through hairpin twists and turns. The high-speed attraction mimics an actual proving ground where vehicles are put through their adrenaline-pumping paces -- testing brakes, acceleration, incline and climate control -- all in the name of safety 

The eagerly anticipated Test Track -- a partnership of Disney imagineering and General Motors engineering -- invites Walt Disney World guests to buckle up and brace themselves for the longest and fastest ride ever in Vacation Kingdom history.

This exhilarating, nearly mile-long Epcot attraction (replacing the former World of Motion) allows parkgoers a rare sneak peek inside the long-exclusive world of automobile testing.

Riders in test vehicles get a firsthand look at how GM cars and trucks are tested before being brought to market.

"Test Track throws a dizzying array of maneuvers at our guests," said Al Weiss, president of Walt Disney World Resort. "They climb hills, experience hairpin turns, bounce down bumpy roadways and zip along straight-aways at speeds pushing 65 mph."

Test Track is the next best thing to a proving grounds experience, said Phil Guarascio, vice president and general manager of marketing and advertising, GM North American operations.

"Walt Disney Imagineers have done a masterful job of emulating the rigors of vehicle testing that all our brands go through," he said. "They've created an experience designed to captivate and thrill Epcot guests."

Test Track climbs, spirals and snakes through the 150,000-square-foot pavilion, including areas simulating arctic cold and desert heat. About half of the track loops outside the pavilion where maximum speeds are obtained.

Guests enter the pavilion and are surrounded by an informative and entertaining pre-show that describes -- in display models and videos -- the incredible amount of component and safety testing GM engineers perform on individual systems, prior to any commitment to production.

Exhibits explain testing on everything from engines to door latches to structure and suspension.

Then it's on to the ride itself for an exciting, firsthand look at the rigors test vehicles go through at GM proving grounds worldwide. Guests experience road handling, impact testing, suspension testing on variable road surfaces, and more. Onboard video monitors display the action as test vehicles are put through the paces.

Powered by three onboard computers which together have more processing power than the Space Shuttle, each test vehicle steers passengers through more than five minutes of tire-squealing road tests. The rigorous testing schedule includes an engine-roaring, three-story ascent; a wildly out-of-control skid; and a 50 degree banked curve at 65 mph.

Post-show, Test Track takes guests on a multimedia assembly plant adventure, showcasing the latest GM models. A specialty shop features high-end automotive collectibles and merchandise.

"Test Track is part of an exciting new partnership between GM and Disney," Guarascio said. "With Test Track, we'd say GM engineering and Disney imagineering are a perfect fit."

Test Track features Disney's FASTPASS, an innovative system -- free to park guests -- designed to reduce waiting times at popular attractions in all four Walt Disney World theme parks.







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