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Lining the front of the Germany pavilion is a row of sycamore trees, carefully pruned during the winter months. This style of pruning or “pollarding” originates in Europe and is used to control the size of the trees in urban areas. Closer to the water are flower beds filled with several varieties of Old World roses. Over the past 120 years, the evolution of the rose has concentrated on the importance of the flowers’ looks, rather than the strength of the scent. But Old World roses, like the ones found in the Germany pavilion, maintain a beautiful fragrance, are prolific bloomers and have a stronger resistance to insects.

In order to fill this pavilion with color, many container flowers and hanging baskets enhance and decorate shop areas. Ivy-geraniums, a flowering plant often used in window boxes in Germany, do not thrive in Florida heat. To create a similar look, Epcot gardeners combine two plants: English ivy and common geraniums. Few Epcot guests notice the difference.

Chef Christine Weissman recently unveiled an up-to-date buffet concept with "modern German" cuisine. It's a home-cooked dining experience, with guests served from skillets and crock pots surrounded by a lively Octoberfest celebration. Chef Weissman offers seasonal vegetables such as snow peas and green beans "to change the perception that Germany is only about sauerkraut." Fresh salmon and trout in light, flavorful sauces often are on the menu.

Biergarten, an indoor German "courtyard" featuring a German Oktoberfest buffet. At lunch and dinner time, yodelers, dancers and other lederhosen-clad musicians perform an Oktoberfest dinner show.

Several specialty shops featuring steins, cuckoo clocks, toys, wine, Christmas ornaments and German confections.

Inspired by the buildings of Bavaria and the Rhine region of Germany. Other details come from communities of the German north. Statue in the center of the plaza is of St. George, the patron saint of soldiers. A glockenspiel chimes to a melody specially composed for Epcot.

Geraniums are the general feature here. You’ll find them by the hundreds throughout the pavilion, including over-stuffed flower boxes.

Atmosphere entertainment ranges from strolling accordionists to a German trio band.

Cast Members:
Pavilion staffed by cast members from throughout Germany.



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