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Mickey Avenue

Mickey Avenue, previously Tigger Avenue, used to encompass the entire street when the attraction "Who wants to be a Millionaire, Play It" was open. Since Millionaire has now become "Toy Story Mania", the street has been chopped up quite a bit. The area in front of Toy Story Mania has been rename to Pixar Place. The remaining part of the street is now Mickey Avenue.

There are two attractions where on Mickey Avenue, Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian and Walt Disney: One Man's Dream.

In the Journey into Narnia attraction is a 15-minute walking tour through different sets from the movie. Lines for this attraction are usually short unless a new Narnia movie is being release then it is packed.

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream is also a walking tour through the life of the man himself: Walt Disney. Far more intresting than Narnia. Be aware that no cameras or video taping is allowed..for obvious reasons. Personally, I am about the theme parks and the technology that run them. I always find it very fasinating on how the magic is presented. Towards the end of the walking tour, there are replicas of each of the theme parks from around the world in very rich detail. I spend most of my time in this attraction looking at the different parks from around the world. Its amazing how different they but yet the same. Then about every 10 minutes or so, the doors open and you enter a theater where you see a short video about Walt Disney.

Mickey Aveneu is located right behind the chinese theater (where The Great Movie Ride is) and right next to Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

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