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Guests of all ages can make their own "character connections" every day at Walt Disney World Resort, as Mickey Mouse welcomes them to Mickey's Toontown Fair, the newest land in the Magic Kingdom.

Mickey and all his toon pals greet their fans in this whimsical village set amidst clusters of candy-striped tents and fanciful fairground facades, where kid-favorite attractions rekindle the old-fashioned excitement of a county fair.

Inside the fairground tents, favorite Disney heroes, heroines and villains await visitors in the Toontown Hall of Fame. Guests are led to special areas where they are welcomed by stars from favorite Disney animated shorts and classic feature films such as "Snow White," "Alice in Wonderland," "Winnie the Pooh" and "Cinderella."

Bring your autograph book! Mickey Mouse, the fair's presiding judge (and Big Cheese), greets guests in the Toontown Fair Judge's Office, surrounded by prize-winning fruits and vegetables. Nearby, Mickey's sweetheart, Minnie Mouse, is happy to pose for photographs in the heart-paneled gazebo that sits neatly in her flower garden.

Best of all, the characters are there all day long -- welcoming old friends and making new ones.

And since they spend so much time in Mickey's Toontown Fair meeting their favorite friends, several Disney characters have actually taken up residence there -- with individual attractions devoted to Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy.

Here's a look around town:

Mickey's Country House -- Mickey's four-room mouse house, with its slightly goofy architecture, is right in the heart of Toontown Fairgrounds. Inside, a radio in the living room is "tooned" to scores from Mickey's favorite football team, Duckburg University, while Mickey's clothes are neatly arranged in his bedroom beside Mickey's baby pictures and a photograph of Minnie. Down the hall, Mickey's kitchen shows the ill effects of Donald and Goofy's attempt to win the Toontown Home Remodeling Contest -- with buckets of paint spilled and stacked in the sink, paint splattered on the floor and walls. The garden, just outside the kitchen, features flowers shaped in Mickey's familiar silhouette and Mickey's Mousekosh overalls drying on the clothesline next to oversized tomato plants, pumpkins (complete with ears) and cactus plants.

Minnie's Country House -- A peek inside Minnie's charming baby blue and pink bungalow reflects her lively lifestyle. In addition to her duties as editor of Minnie's Cartoon Country Living Magazine, Minnie also quilts, paints and is an avid gardener. While touring her office, craft room and kitchen, guests may check Minnie's latest messages on her answering machine, bake a "quick-rising" cake at the touch of a button and open Minnie's refrigerator door to feel a chilling blast of arctic air.

Toontown Hall of Fame -- Disney's favorite characters take center stage at the Toontown Hall of Fame, where guests may also view many of the Toontown Fair blue ribbon-winning entries. The large and colorful tent also houses a shopping area -- the County Bounty -- which features plush animals and all kinds of Toontown souvenirs.

Goofy's Wiseacres Farm -- Classic red barns and farm buildings are the setting for The Barnstormer, Mickey's Toontown Fair's kid-sized roller coaster ride. Manning a 1920s crop-dusting bi-plane, young thrill-seekers zip up and around the high-flying trackway, before "crashing" through Goofy's barn at the climax of the topsy-turvy trip.

Donald Duck's Boat, Miss Daisy -- A cross between a tugboat and a leaky ocean liner, Donald Duck's yellow and red yacht features a twisted smokestack, a laundry line (complete with Donald's yachting attire) and a foamy ocean featuring lily pads that spout jumping streams and spray without warning. While splash-tastic adventures await outside, pint-sized seafarers can go inside to blow the ship's whistle or clang Miss Daisy's loud boat bell.

Toon Park -- Horticultural hijinks are on hand at Toon Park, a spongy green meadow filled with foam topiary in the shapes of goats, cows, pigs and horses. The bucolic play area is a favorite with kids, who jump and hop on interactive lily pads to hear the animal topiaries moo, bleat and whinny.

Mickey's Toontown Fair replaced Mickey's Birthdayland, which opened in 1988 as part of his 60th birthday celebration. So popular was it -- visited regularly by more than two-thirds of the Magic Kingdom visitors -- that it was retained year after year as Mickey's Starland. The new fairgrounds covers about two acres in the northeast corner of the Magic Kingdom, and has its own stop on the Walt Disney World Railroad.

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