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The setting for the newest thrill adventure in Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a towering mountain where a runaway train adventure is woven with the lore and legend of a fearsome yeti. A white-water rafting adventure, a jungle trek past wild Asian animal species and a breathtaking show that features an array of birds in flight complete the exotic journey through Asia.

As guests cross Asia Bridge, they enter the mythical Kingdom of Anandapur (place of delight), filled with the crumbling yet beautiful ruins of the ancient village, its temples and even a maharajah's palace. Soon, they discover a natural treasure of wild creatures and an unforgettable expedition into the rainforest.

Expedition Everest

At Expedition Everest, adventurers take on the treacherous terrain of the forbidden mountain in a high-speed runaway train adventure through the mighty Himalayas.

The story begins as guests are transported to the mythical village of Serka Zong, where a canopy of prayer flags, an ornamental monastery and carved totems immerse guests into a distant world of exploration. The yeti’s role as protector of the forbidden mountain is reinforced in a detailed environment rich in culture and tradition. Despite forewarnings about the ferocity of the yeti as protector of the mountain, explorers embark on a rugged train journey to Everest.

Aboard out-of-control railcars racing forward and backward through darkened mountain caverns, adventurers plunge into the unknown, braving twists, turns and drops leading to an unforgettable face-to-face confrontation with a snarling yeti.

Soaring nearly 200 feet tall, Expedition Everest anchors the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Expedition Everest features Disney’s FASTPASS -- offered at no charge to park guests -- designed to reduce waiting times at popular attractions in all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

Kali River Rapids

At Kali River Rapids, guests are launched on 12-person rafts into the turbulent Chakarandi River for a wild, wet ride through a jungle habitat jeopardized by illegal logging. Rafters first travel into a huge bamboo tunnel, where they're enveloped in a jasmine-scented mist as their raft climbs upriver into the headwaters.

Soon their rafts encounter a sweeping waterfall. A giant carved tiger face appears from behind the falls. Gliding beyond to the wondrous rainforest and temple ruins, the raft emerges suddenly from a bamboo thicket, and the sweet jasmine aroma is lost to the acrid smell of burning wood. A discordant note is struck as fires are burning, trees are falling, habitat is destroyed and pristine lands are endangered, a constant threat in Asia. As their raft twists and spins through the river, guests face a denuded landscape of logged-out forest burning wildly. A tangled arch of burning logs looms ahead as the raft rushes toward a fiery doom. Disaster narrowly avoided, more thrills await on a ride through turbulent waters that reveals a surprise around every turn, including an abrupt drop into churning waters.

Kali River Rapids features Disney's FASTPASS.

Maharajah Jungle Trek

Another attraction, Maharajah Jungle Trek, is a breathtaking walking journey through the lush home of myriad animal and bird species.

Acrobatic gibbons emit deep-throated hoots as they swing from a Nepalese-styled monument tower to the ruins of a temple with Thai design in the mythical village of Anandapur. Revered tigers roam and play, intrigued by a herd of grazing deer just beyond the crumbling walls of a maharajah's palace. Giant fruit bats fly above the bat cliffs of Anandapur, where guests can walk right up to large open windows overlooking the bat habitat and watch them fly or hang from trees and the cliffs' rocky walls. The largest monitor lizard in the world, the Komodo dragon, which can grow up to 12 feet long, suns nearby. A spectacular aviary, complete with lotus pool, is home to beautiful ground-, mud- and tree-dwelling birds.

In this rainforest environment, Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia all are represented through architecture, animal carvings and ruins scattered throughout the village. Clusters of trees grow from the ruins of a beautiful tiger shrine. The exotic animals are visible from the top of a parapet, through a stand of bamboo and from a bridge that stands amid the ruins near an old herb garden.

"Flights of Wonder"

"Flights of Wonder," a humorous show highlighting the beauty and diversity of birds, is presented several times daily at Caravan Stage outdoor amphitheater.

The setting for "Flights of Wonder" is a crumbling Asian fort. Macaws, ibis and other birds emerge from alcoves to soar high overhead. Although the show is carefully rehearsed, birds are being taught to show off their natural talent, not "do tricks." Trainers demonstrate how birds respond to special audio or visual clues, how they hunt and how they eat.






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