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Disney’s “True-Life Adventure” documentary films provided the spark for this exotic land of jungles and wild animals. Major attractions include Pirates of the Caribbean, a rollicking buccaneer boat ride now featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and other major characters from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series; Jungle Cruise, a tongue-in-cheek trek down the world’s most famous rivers; The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, a high-flying spin on a magic carpet; and The Enchanted Tiki Room-Under New Management, which puts a humorous spin on Disney’s first attraction to feature the three-dimensional storytelling of Audio-Animatronics.

Strolling beneath dense vines and bamboo branches, guests pass the gigantic Swiss Family Treehouse -- re-created from the famous Walt Disney movie -- and make their way to a last-outpost river landing where they board tropical launches for the Jungle Cruise. Curious gorillas, playful Indian elephants in their daily bath and frolicking hippos created in life-like realism by Disney artists make for a total mood of adventure in faraway lands. Nearby, The Enchanted Tiki Birds -- Under New Management is newly transformed. Hollywood featherweights Iago, from Disney's animated feature "Aladdin," and Zazu, from Disney's animated feature "The Lion King," have become the new landlords, creating a witty, upbeat show filled with old and new choreographed musical numbers. And the greatest swashbuckling adventure of all comes in the colorful Caribbean Plaza where visitors explore a battered fort to discover the Pirates of the Caribbean. Aboard buccaneer launches, adventurers travel through mysterious grottos, then plunge down a waterfall and into the midst of a pirate battle for control of a harbor town.

 Pirates of the Caribbean 

The Walt Disney World attraction features the addition of two of Hollywood's most infamous buccaneers, Captain Jack Sparrow and his nemesis Barbossa. Joining the wildest crew that ever sacked the Spanish Main, Captain Jack and Barbossa add an exciting new twist to the attraction's original storyline as they race to be the first to claim a cache of plundered treasure.

 The Pirates League 

You can drop anchor in Adventureland with your favorite Disney pirates at Magic Kingdom for The Pirates League, recruiting and training Walt Disney World guests ages 3 and up in the scurrilous ways of buccaneers.

Each guest checking in at the plunder-filled pirate’s lair gets an official pirate name. Then it’s off to Muster Station for applications of beards and bandanas, swords and scars, earrings and eye patches – all done with the savvy skill of a veteran pirate who shares his own tales of sea-sailing adventures.

 Swiss Family Robinson 

People who saw the 1960 Disney film version of Johann Wyss’ “Swiss Family Robinson,” however, may imagine something markedly different. They probably see a shipwrecked but resourceful family of five that made an amazing home for themselves in the branches of a sprawling island tree. Using material they salvaged from their downed ship, the Swallow, they built bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a library, all set up just like other early-19th-century homes -- yet gently rocking with the breezes amid the leaves and the birds.

The 60-foot-tall tree house has been a favorite Adventureland attraction since the Magic Kingdom opening in 1971. As visitors wind up and down the stairways, they get close-up views of each of the rooms, the furnishings of which have been devised from island materials and items salvaged from the wrecked vessel.

 Magic Carpets of Aladdin 

Disney’s “Aladdin,” one of the most beloved and popular motion pictures of all time, inspires this colorful attraction, new from the ground up at the Magic Kingdom. Adventureland makes a fitting home for The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, filled with the wonder of genies, flying carpets, magic lamps and Middle East mystique. First permanent attraction with Aladdin theming. Adjacent merchandise area of Agrabah Bazaar and Zanzibar Trading Co.

 Under New Management 

The Enchanted Tiki Room at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom is "Under New Management."

Hollywood featherweights Iago, from Disney's animated feature "Aladdin," and Zazu, from Disney's animated feature "The Lion King," have become the new landlords of the popular Adventureland attraction that opened with the park Oct. 1, 1971.



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